In 1989 my mother-in-law asked me to design a small table that would fit in a nook at the top of their stairs then fold out to make a card table sized surface.  She wanted it to have a usable surface when collapsed and in it’s storage place so that she could display pictures and what-nots. The challenge was that on the left side there was only 6 inches from the wall to the door frame. What finally emerged was a triangular shape when folded up “in storage” with a hinged gate leg to support the large triangle shaped leaf and a simpler swing out support on the smaller rectangular leaf. The top is cherry and the legs/aprons are maple.

My in laws no longer live in the house for which the table was designed, but today it sits just inside the front door of their “new” house.


This view shows the narrow end which originally fit between the wall and the door frame at the top of the stairs inn the old house


Both leaves join to the stationary center piece utilizing rule joints- a cove on the drop leaf matches up to a beaded radius on the stationary piece


The front apron is hinged in the middle so that the leg at the narrow end can swing out to support the larger triangular leaf when it is folded out


The gate leg extended


These 2 pictures show the fold out support for the smaller rectangular leaf folded in and extended


The table fully extended. It has been used for various purposes when my mother in law was entertaining, as an auxiliary dining table when we are all together, and various other purposes.