I love making little things- it is easy to get creative with very little material invested!

Christmas 1987 was very tough. Our first child was due the week after Christmas, I had just graduated from Auburn University (War Eagle!) and started a new job, all of which meant there was NO money for Christmas presents. We had a large construction project going on at work, and I scavenged as many shipping crates and other materials as I could for making things. Peggy understood what our financial situation was and all she asked for that year was a button box. I knew that she meant a box to put buttons in, but I took the idea of a “button box” a bit literally, and using scavenged packing crates, and yellow and red paint scavenged by draining cans the painters at work considered empty, I came up with this:

DSC03633 DSC03634 DSC03635 DSC03636


For her birthday the next spring I decided to replace the plastic butter tub she was using to hold straight pins with something else. The little pin bowl and lid were made from a cherry tree which broke and fell down in the big ice storm of January 1988. The tape measure gives perspective:

DSC03637 DSC03638 DSC03639


In 1989 I made 3 miniature chest of drawers- a 2 drawer, a 3 drawer, and a 4 drawer. Peggy wound up with the 3 drawer, her grandmother the 2 drawer, and one of my aunts the 4 drawer. Peggy’s grandmother still has hers in the assisted living facility she lives in, and Peggy still uses her 3 drawer chest for notions in her sewing room. The case is assembled with dovetail joints:

DSC03640 DSC03641 DSC03642