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I believe shop furniture should be well made and attractive. This is a cabinet I made for my drill press to sit on. It is made of oak using mortise and tenon joinery. There is not a nail in the entire piece! The only screws are holding the back and the top on.


The heart of a workshop is the workbench. I built this one in 1994. It is made of Hardrock Maple, salvaged from cutting tables that were discarded when the company I was working for changed over to composite table tops. The door over the center cabinet area was damaged in the move to Statesboro in 2005. Since I was not able to do any  woodworking right away I put the workbench in storage, having no idea it would be 6 1/2 years before I would be able to make any serious sawdust. I brought it out of storage a couple of months ago and last weekend made a replacement door. Hopefully the new door will darken and match the rest of the workbench in time.